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Portrait and Wedding Photography in SW London and Surrey

Sophocles has been photographing families and weddings for over 20 years. You need look no further for beautiful and creative portrait photography and wedding photography in SW London and Surrey. Enjoy the images and feel free to call or email.

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About Sophocles Alexiou

Sophocles was born in 1961 in Chelsea – not the posh part but in a basement and delivered by his father. A fitting start to life for someone who comes from a long line of peasants. Having Greek-Cypriot parents and growing up in a Cypriot community, there were only a few career options open for a smart Cypriot lad: Doctor, Lawyer or Teacher. Once it had been established that the gene-pool he had inherited would not stretch to such dizzy heights, great words of wisdom were spoken by his father – ‘son, be a barber – everybody needs to have their haircut.’

Alas, the now established average Cypriot young man had become a Bouzouki player in a band playing at weddings and in the hashish dens of London. Ironically, this is where Sophocles developed his people skills so vital in social photography. The transition into photography was rapid and success followed quickly. The string of awards and qualifications he holds is proof of his passion for photography. He is, at the time of writing, the only Cypriot to hold Fellowships in Portraiture, so his father and mother and the entire village back home are well pleased and thank God he gave up the Bouzouki playing – the night life was no life for a married man.

Get in touch:

01483210206 | 07718736508

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